The Elections in the North of England: Where Now for Labour?

by Ryan Swift Ryan Swift is a member of the Centre for Democratic Engagement at the University of Leeds. In this article he reflects on the implications for Labour following the recent election results in the north of England. He warns that the national level Labour leadership would be wise to embrace the…

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Press Release: Labour needs to rediscover its Northern roots

PRESS RELEASE 10 May 2021, 18.45 Labour needs to re-discover its Northern roots The Hannah Mitchell Foundation has called for the Labour Party to re-discover its historic roots in the North of England and drive forward a progressive agenda which would include further – and more radical – devolution and…

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Welsh Lessons for Northern Labour

by Paul Salveson I’m writing this from the perspective of the North of England, and my particular place in it – Bolton. The results within the region, but also in other parts of the UK, have some important messages for progressive politics in the North. As the election results come…

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Flags of the North: a St George’s Day special

One of the objectives of the Hannah Mitchell Foundation is “to improve knowledge and understanding of the past, present and potential future socio-economic, cultural and political identity of the North and its constituent parts”.  Flags were probably not front of mind when that objective was drafted, but flags are certainly…

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Regional Democracy and PR go hand in hand

Regional Democracy goes hand in hand with Electoral Reform Jenny Cronin and Ying Ho, Hannah Mitchell Foundation, posted February 13th 2021 To achieve prosperity and equality in Northern England, it is imperative that central government funding is more equally distributed among the regions, and that the priorities of development are…

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Another England is Possible

Another England is possible: a Northern response to ‘The English Question’ Paul Salveson (in a personal caapcity) This paper argues that the quest for a ‘progressive English’ politics that doesn’t recognise the nation’s regional diversity is a dead-end. It makes the case for an ‘England of the Regions’ with a…

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Arguments for PR

On the Road to a Proportional Representation Voting System Jenny Cronin, Hannah Mitchell Foundation It’s over a year on from the December 2019 General Election and we are living through the Covid19 pandemic with a Conservative government. At that time in 2019, with Brexit in the mix of factors for…

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A journey that ends in Northumbria?

by Ian Martin (Same Skies) Summary I knew that we’d been let down. I knew that our talent and our ideas and our potential was being wasted. I knew that things were starting to change in Scotland so I thought I knew what I wanted – a Yorkshire assembly elected…

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