News from HMF, November 2021

Online AGM and Public Meeting, Saturday 4 December

A reminder to sign up on Eventbrite for our online AGM and public meeting featuring Baroness Natalie Bennett, Alex Sobel MP, Thelma Walker and Neil McInroy, entitled Real ‘Levelling Up’: getting a more democratic, flourishing future for the North.  The event runs from 10.30-11.30am, is free, and is followed by the Annual General Meeting 11.40-12.30.  More details and registration to get the Zoom link on Eventbrite here:

Options for regional devolution

As a background for the debates on 4 December, two new thinkpieces have been published on the HMF website: Options for regional devolution in the North and A history of devolution and the North since 1997.  Both pieces are intended to open up discussion – have a read, see what you think, and join the debate on the future of the North at the AGM. 

HMF in Big Issue North

HMF’s Paul Salveson is extensively quoted in this week’s Big Issue North in an in-depth feature by Chris Moss on ‘Devolution’s Sunny Uplands’.  The article would normally be for paying subscribers only whilst the printed magazine is on sale on the streets, but it has been unlocked due to the level of public interest in reading it.  Next time you see a Big Issue North vendor, please buy a paper copy of the magazine, or consider an online subscription to the only regular magazine produced in the North for the North as a whole.  Either way, vendors get a fair share of the proceeds. 

Peoples Powerhouse Convention 2021: This is the North

Our friends at Peoples Powerhouse are hosting their biggest event of the year on Wednesday and Thursday 24-25 November, This is the North, the 5th annual Peoples Powerhouse convention, online from Blackpool.   There is a fantastic full programme of inspiring talks and discussions illuminating the brightest and best examples of economic and social justice across the North, and bringing northerners together so that they can decide what the future of the north should look like. 

The convention runs from 1245-1800 on Wednesday and 0930-1630 on Thursday.  You can dip in and out of the different sessions, which can be booked here:

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