Sept 2021 Newsletter

Members’ Newsletter, 10 September 2021

News from the Hannah Mitchell Foundation to all our members and supporters.

Winter Hill 125 success

Photo credit: Julia Uttley

The 125th anniversary commemoration of the Winter Hill mass trespass in Bolton on Sunday 5 September was a great success, with an estimated crowd of over one thousand following the 1896 route of the trespass up Bolton’s Halliwell Road to the top of Winter Hill and back down to Belmont.  The Hannah Mitchell Foundation was there and copies of our new flier (see below) were well received by the walkers.  See this video by Nigel Coates for great footage of the march and an interview with Paul Salveson on the background to the event.

New HMF leaflet

The new HMF leaflet was distributed at the Winter Hill 125 event.  We have plenty of paper copies left (size A5) – if you would like a stock to be able to distribute, please let us know.  

HMF at the Wigan Diggers Festival, Sat 11 Sept– help needed

Meanwhile, Paul Salveson will handing out our leaflet at the Wigan Diggers Festival on Saturday 11 September.  The festival celebrates the life and ideas of Wigan born and bred Gerrard Winstanley (1609-1676) and the 17th Century Diggers’ (or True Leveller) Movement. It features stalls and live music – and (rumoured) a speech by Jeremy Corbyn. If you wish to join Paul at the festival to give him a hand, contact us at hannahmitchellfoundation [at] gmail [dot] com. Meet from 11am at Gerrard Winstanley Gardens, The Wiend, Wigan.  “The Earth was made a common treasury for all.”

Open public meeting on the future of the North and HMF Annual General Meeting

The HMF AGM will be on Saturday 4 December at the Friends Meeting House, Mount St, Manchester.  The first part of the day (from 11am) will be an open public meeting on building a stronger, more democratic North with high profile guest speakers.  The second part of the day will be a members AGM with voting on resolutions on defining and promoting the North’s democratic rights.

HMF Steering Group

The HMF Steering Group has co-opted a new member: Finn Oldfield from Widnes.  Finn is a politics and philosophy graduate of Edinburgh University and is working as a development officer for Peoples Powerhouse.   At the AGM a new Steering Group of around a dozen members will be elected.  If you are interested in getting active and helping to run HMF, then please let us know.  You are welcome to join our next Steering Group meeting as an observer, and if you’re keen to start before December, co-option on the group is a possibility. 

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